About us

We are an approved activity provider. We work with over 100 schools nationwide and provide over 9,000 young people with the opportunity to take part in life-changing expeditions each year.

We specialise in a diverse range of expeditions, from The Venture Award to The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

We are passionate about young people accessing the outdoors, regardless of their geographical location, background or financial situation. We provide cost-effective and sustainable programmes and pride ourselves on our ability to tailor expeditions to meet every school’s needs.

Our team also works hard to provide expedition equipment that is durable and good value for money.

Our history

BXM Expeditions was founded in 2010 by an ex-teacher passionate about young people and the great outdoors. In what started as a very small operation with 12 tents and a collection of stoves stored in a small cupboard, we quickly grew to be one of the largest expedition providers in the country.

We operate nationally and run expeditions in various locations across the UK. Our warehouse team now looks after over 1,000 tents and 350 stoves.

Who we are

We’re experts in what we do and passionate about the outdoors.

Our core team not only organise the logistics and general operation of hundreds of expeditions each year, they’re also fully qualified instructors.

The Director of BXM Expeditions has also been a keen mountaineer and climber. He now splits his time between steering BXM in the right direction and working as CEO for a charity which helps raise funds for more children to access the outdoors, formalising the work he has always done through BXM Expeditions.

Leigh is BXM’s Business Manager. He’s worked for BXM Expeditions from the start. Originally drying tents and working as an assistant instructor, he has helped transform BXM into where it is today. His passion for the outdoors is clear and he prides himself on providing “high quality” expeditions for all.

Our Operations Manager, Charlotte, knows everything there is about locations and campsites. Exceptionally organised and hard working, she is responsible for all expedition bookings. A painter, runner and hill walker, Charlotte really is the full package.

Our warehouse is operated by Daniel. An expert in his field, he keeps all expedition equipment in service and ensures it is ready for every trip. A great navigator and outdoorsman who takes pride in doing the simple things extremely well.

Our on-call support staff, James and Simon, are also full time instructors. When they’re not based at HQ they’re leading groups in some of the most remote locations in the country, accompanied by Hunter and Blue, their four-legged companions.

BXM works with the most reliable and experienced instructors across the country to provide high-quality and safe expeditions for young people of all ages. Our team of senior instructors work with us on over 50 expeditions a year. They’re most happy trekking through fields and over mountains with young people, and when they’re not working they can be found hiking and camping with their friends and family.