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BXM Academy

The first of its kind

BXM as a group has always been committed to two things:

1. Helping young people and children access the outdoors, regardless of their ethnicity, social or emotional background.

2. Developing young people in to resilient leaders who share our passion for the outdoors.

When BXM Expeditions was first created in 2010, Founder, Ben Maxfield made DofE trips as affordable as possible and to this day he has never taken a salary for his work. His aim was to bring down the financial greed on what he believed was an inaccessible market for many children. He took on a young scholarship student as soon as the company could afford to manage the demands. Leigh Rose was the first official scholarship student at 16 years of age, he then became an apprentice and over the following 7 years Leigh worked his way up and is now the Operations Manager for BXM Expeditions. We, of course, now have various staff at the office and over 200 freelance staff.

All of our staff share our passion of there being as little barriers as possible for young people accessing the outdoors and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We have since entered the first stage of running our very own educational academy. This one year program is for young people who want to work in the outdoors and spend a year with us gaining outdoor qualifications, The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award certifications and hands on experience leading groups to prepare them for their Mountain Leaders Award qualification. Something we also fund once they are 18. We even help them through their driving test if they aren’t there already.

BXM Academy is our way of getting 10 young people qualified to work in the outdoor industry without having to move away to the middle of no-where.


Where is it based?

Swindon is where the hub of BXM is based but expeditions take place across the country. 

When does the course run from?

September 1st to August 30th, just like a school year.

Is accommodation included?

No, we allow people to live where they want.

How much does it cost?

In 2020/2021 It is half price and costs just £3000. Should you pass the course by staying the duration and showing you are reliable, we will give £2000 back in August 2021.

What is provided?

We provide you with a full set of outdoor clothing and equipment (we estimate this is worth almost £1000.) You get to keep all of this if you complete the course. We also give you a food allowance for each day you are on an active expedition with clients.

How much outdoor experience will I get?

A LOT. From September when you start through to October, you will spend 3 days a week in the HQ and each weekend you will be out observing expeditions and working with mountain leaders, through November, December and January you will not have to come in during weekends but will spend some time learning to climb, deal with outdoor scenarios and spend some time in small groups with your tutor. It may be a day trip to the hills for navigation training or it could be a couple of days working on first aid or The DofE assessors courses. February through to the end of July you will be required to work outdoors every weekend and 3 days a week either on outdoor trips or in the HQ helping out with various tasks in the warehouse or the office. You will also have lessons on leadership, teamwork, communication and outdoor pursuits. We of course have to fit in your qualifications too.

What qualifications will I get?

At a minimum we want to ensure you have Hill and Moorland Leader, Outdoor First Aid, The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award Assessor and Supervisor certificates, Safeguarding, Rock Climbing Instructor Award is also an option for those who wish to work for it and for those who show the ability we will ensure they are Mountain Leader trained.

Will I have a tutor?

Yes, your tutor will in fact be a highly trained and qualified individual who will spend a lot of time with you throughout the year, mentoring you with your outdoor experience but also helping you become a well rounded individual.

Can I work for you after?

Yes you can actually earn £100 a day working for us after the course. We have different tiers of instructors so we’d hope you would be trying to get in to our top tier.

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