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DofE Walking

How it works

June – July

BXM Expeditions receives dates from schools for expeditions in the following year and will arrange to come into the school to launch the DofE programme to students in assembly and conduct a parent’s information evening. 

September – December

We spend the winter months sorting logistics and staffing for your expeditions. This is when final numbers are confirmed and participant information sent over to the BXM HQ.

Expeditions are ongoing until October, this is also when our final open expeditions happen where participants who have missed their school expeditions can join to complete their award.

Parent’s information evenings and launch assemblies also take place during this time. 

January – early March

BXM Expeditions will send out all final expedition details and safeguarding information for the school. During this time, we also deliver the training days for the impending expeditions for the year ahead.

Late March – July

This is the bulk of the expedition season and typically where most expeditions take place. Bronze expeditions often take place between April and May with practice expeditions in April and qualifying in May. 

Silver expeditions often take place in March – June with practice expeditions in March and qualifying expeditions in June. 

Gold expeditions often take place at the end of the academic year with practice expeditions in June and qualifying expeditions on July.

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Our Prices

Gold Award


Silver Award


Bronze Award


What's Included

  • Local and national administration (inc green forms) 
  • Tents 
  • Gas Stoves (with gas) 
  • Maps 
  • Fully qualified and enthusiastic leaders 
  • Camp feesSchool staff places 
  • Risk assessments 
  • Assemblies/lectures 
  • Parents evenings (with YouTube links to refer to) 
  • Advice and support 
  • Kit lists 
  • Kit advice

What you'll need