The Venture Award

The Venture Award is a development award scheme for young people typically in Year 7 and Year 8 of secondary school. The programme is designed to bridge the gap between primary school outdoor education residentials and The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award students take part in during Year 9.

The award was created by BXM in 2016. We wanted to create an outdoor education trip to help build character and raise the aspirations of young people.

We created The Venture Award to focus on 3 key values:

  •   being a luminary
  •   working independently
  •   self-discipline.

Each participant must complete a booklet that contains three sections: helping others, learning something new, and being active. Each week participants must complete an activity for 30 or 45 minutes (depending on their level) that falls into these categories and reflect on how this made them feel, what they have done well and what they could improve on. These activities can change week by week to help young people explore what they are interested in and find their purpose.

The helping others section is all about giving back and being selfless. It could be helping younger students with their homework or guided reading, helping a family member or even a school teacher.

The learning something new section is a chance for participants to grow existing or develop new skills. These could include playing a musical instrument, learning a language or doing some fundraising.

The being active section encourages participants to take part in an activity to raise their heart rate. Activities could include going for a walk, playing in a team or solo sport, or even going to the gym.

The expedition


TVA Level one: £47

Participants take part in a 1 day adventure based locally to their school. During the expedition they will work with BXM instructors at a campsite to complete activities which build on the key values of the award.

They’ll cover basic navigation techniques, learn about risk management and how to keep themselves, as well as others, safe during an expedition.

Participants also complete a range of team building activities to encourage problem solving and working to individual strengths and areas of improvement.


TVA Level two: £97

Participants complete a full 2-day expedition. The expedition is based locally to the school. Participants learn, in detail, about navigation, campcraft and expedition skills to enable them to complete a full day walk on the second day of the expedition, supported by BXM instructors.

Participants are encouraged to take responsibility for their own kit and will navigate themselves during the walk.

This level really prepares young people for their DofE in Year 9 and begins to get them to take responsibility for their actions and others around them.